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Garfield STEM is a school of choice

Art at Garfield through the Creative Roots Program!!!


Click on the link below to see a Power Point about the first year of the Youth Mural Project at Garfield!!!!!

2016/2017 Registration

August 5th    6th Grade Registration    8:00am-2:30pm  

August 8th    Registration All Grades   8:00am-6:30pm  

August 8th    6th Grade Jump Start      Noon-3:00pm     Gym

August 9th    Registration All Grades   8:00am-2:30pm  


Registration will take place in the Cafeteria


August 11th  First Day of School 


Important May dates:


May 17th: Band Concert                     Gym     6:30pm 

May 18th: Orchestra Concert              Gym    7:00pm 

May 19th: Parent Group Meeting        Library 5:30pm 

May 20th: Locker Clean Out/Last day back packs permitted on campus

May 23th: Promotion Rehearsal          Gym     TBD

May 24th 8th Grade Promotion           Gym   5:30pm for Students 6:00pm Ceremony

May 25th Last day of School               Dismissal 11:30


2016-2017 Transfer Window for Garfield STEM School is open​

  • Who can make a transfer request to Garfield STEM? Transfer requests can be submitted by a parent, legal guardian, students at least 18 years old, or students that have been legally emancipated. Complete the Transfer Request Form on line or contact the Transfer Office at (505) 855-9050.

  • A separate application form must be completed for each child.

  • Students will only be approved for one transfer per year. This includes transfer Rollovers (renewals) as accepted by enrollment at the beginning of the school year.



Garfield STEM Activities

We will be conducting a joint High Altitude Balloon(HAB) launch with VHS this Friday (planned right now for the Belen airport). We are launching a cerium doped YAG (yttrium garnet aluminum) scintillator and a fluorescent mineral package including sodalite, calcite, eucryptite, common opal, meionite, and anthophyllite. The minerals vary in the frequencies of UV at which they should fluoresce. Some will glow in short wave UV (UVC) while others will glow in UVA or UVB. UVC is normally blocked by the ozone layer, but we should see it (making the eucryptite glow) because we are above the ozone layer for our flight. 

The payload will also include a balloon sat from VHS, an Eagle flight computer with APRS radio bug, pi in the sky flight computer, 4 gopros, a panasonic A500, and a SPOT GPS. Flight can be tracked by logging onto aprs.fi and using the callsign KG5FKB. 

Garfield will be presenting our findings at the Sandia National Labs Advanced Materials Lab at some point before winter break. We are planning additional experiments in the spring including high temperature superconductors and heat dissipation. 

Garfield will be presenting at the VHS STEM day on November 20. We will have a display board, sea perches, HAB rig, video/pics of our launch (can you send me the video you had at school of choice night?), and other STEM goodies.


Today: 6/26/16

The Garfield will launch a high altitude balloon on May 6th!!!

Image from our balloon at 95,000 feet. Click on picture to see video.  See more images on our STEM page.