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Please click here for information for programs funded and managed by the ABC Community School Partnership. 

Pamela Campos: Community School Coordinator. 


Extended Learning Opportunities



Contact Athletic Director: Andreas Steinmetz



Athletics & Activities

Flag Football Information

Practice starts Tuesday, September 5th. 

Practice is Monday-Friday from 3:15-4:30 in the grass field. 

Contact Coach Joseph Varela for more information.


Flag Football Schedule 2017

2017 Flag Football Schedule

Tuesday, September 12

Carter at Adams

Thursday, September 14

Garfield at Harrison

Friday, September 15

Adams at Cleveland

Tuesday, September 19

Carter at Harrison

Adams at Garfield

Thursday, September 21

Garfield at Cleveland

Tuesday, September 26

Garfield at Adams

Cleveland at Carter

Wednesday, September 27

Cleveland at Adams

Thursday, September 28

Harrison at Carter

Tuesday, October 3

Adams at Harrison

Cleveland at Carter

Thursday, October 5

Harrison at Garfield

Tuesday, October 10

Carter at Garfield

Harrison at Cleveland

Volleyball Schedule 2017-2018

2017 - 2018 Volleyball Schedule


Date   Day            Opponent             Start Time (“B” Team/”A” Team                Location

9/5     Tues.          Wilson MS                    4:30pm/5:30pm                                Wilson MS

9/11   Mon.           Washington MS             4:30pm/5:30pm                                Washington MS

9/13   Wed.           Taylor MS                     4:30pm/5:30pm                                Garfield MS

9/18   Mon.           Kennedy MS                  4:30pm/5:30pm                                Kennedy MS

9/20   Wed.           Roosevelt MS                4:30pm/5:30pm                                Garfield MS

9/25   Mon.           Polk MS                        4:30pm/5:30pm                                Polk MS

9/27   Wed.           Hayes MS                      4:30pm/5:30pm                                Garfield MS

10/2   Mon.           Taft MS                        4:30pm/5:30pm                                Garfield MS

10/7   Sat.             TBA                             ONLY A-team: TBA                        TBA


Tennis Information

Tennis is going to have an informational Parent/Player meeting on Wednesday Aug. 30 at 5:15. 

Location: Library

Updated Practice and Game Information about Volleyball August 28th

Practice Week of August 28th will be 3:15-5 M-Th, and Friday 3:15-4:30. 


The week of Labor day will be the game on Tuesday then practice W-Th 3:15-5 and Friday 3:15-4:30. 


After that week of Labor day, the schedule is consistent and regular through Sept 29 :

Mondays: Game

Tuesday: Practice 3:15-5

Wednesday: Game

Thursday: Practice 3:15-5

Friday:Practice 3:15-4:30


The first week of October is:

Monday: Game

T-Th: Practice 3:15-5

Friday: Practice 3:15-4:30

Saturday: "A" Team post season tournament. Time and Place TBA

Athletics Information 2017-2018

Thanks for your interest in Garfield Middle School (GMS) Athletics and Activities. We look to provide a variety of educational extracurricular activities for children that may be interested.  Any student-athlete MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL FORM ON FILE WITH THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION. Below, you will find a variety of information to assist you in getting involved with GMS Athletics and Activities. For any additional information, you may contact the GMS Athletic Director.


Estimated start times for athletic seasons are listed below. When available, official start dates will be posted below as well as on our school calendar.


Volleyball: Practice begins Aug. 21, 2017. First game is on Sept. 5, 2017

                        Head Coach: TBA

                        Assistant Coach: Al Bowen


CO-ED Tennis: TBA


Flag Football: End of September

                        Head Coach: Joseph Varela

                        Assistant Coach: TBA


Boys Basketball: Practice begins Oct. 16, 2017. First game is on Oct. 30, 2017

                        Head Coach: Ed Tafoya

                        Assistant Coach: Al Bowen


Girls Basketball: Practice begins Jan 8, 2018. First game is on Jan. 22, 2018

                        Head Coach: TBA

                        Assistant Coach: TBA


Track & Field: Practice begins Feb 26, 2018. First meet TBA

                        Boys Head Coach: TBA                      Girls Head Coach: TBA

                        Boys Assistant Coach: TBA               Girls Assistant Coach: TBA


CO-ED Soccer:  Beginning of March

                        Head Coach: Blyth Frew

                        Assistant Coach: TBA


No news posted


We are excited to be able to offer a variety of programming at Garfield after school.  Our extended learning opportunities include Art, Leadership, Sports, Civic Engagement, and Social settings.  It is important that we share some information that will help you and your student determine the right after school options to fit your family's needs.


  • All programs are voluntary for students.  Many programs are paid for with GRANT money which require students to sign in so we can track participation.  Students will check in and Activity Leaders will note participation at the beginning of the activity.
  • Please note that no one will call home if a student does not come to a program.  There is no mandatory attendance in the out of school time activities.  Attendance is encouraged for all participants in order to get the most out of each program.
  • Clubs do NOT have substitute leaders.  If a leader is absent, the club will be cancelled for the day.  An announcement will be made and students can attend an alternate club if one is available or can use the office phone to call home and make arrangements for pick-up.
  • Offerings are driven by participation and If participation falls below expectations, programs may be cancelled.  We will give two weeks notice to those in the club or group when this is being considered.  A notice will be posted on the Athletics and After School Activities page to let families know what is happening.
  • Students can leave at any point in the after school program and should let the Activity Leader know they are leaving.  Once they leave the campus for any reason, they cannot return to the club that evening.
  • Students are treated as young adult professionals in keeping with our standards as a STEM school.  Our expectation is that they will act accordingly.  
  • Students have 15 minutes to leave the campus when they are done for the day.  If they are NOT in a club, they should be off campus no later than 3:20.  If they are in a program, they should exit the premises no later than 15 minutes after their program lets out.  Students can not "hang out" on campus.  Students who refuse to sign in to a program will be referred to the counselor and families will be called.  We strive to maintain a safe and fun environment for everyone
  • Participation in each program is recorded separately.  If you wish to find out if your student is attending regularly, you can speak to the Activity Leader of the club or request a report from Pamela Campos, the Community School Coordinator.  

If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Campos at 344-1647 ext 54531 or