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Student Support

Garfield STEM Magnet staff will provide on-going social-emotional support for students throughout the school year whether we are utilizing a hybrid or fully online learning model.  All staff can submit requests for support using the link below.  Please contact our school counselor, Zac Craig, for more information.


Grab-And-Go Meals

Find out about the APS Grab-and-Go Meals that are available to all of our Grey Wolf families during remote learning.

Please contact our front office or Pam Campos for more information about meal ticket pick-up.


Chromebook Support

Find out how your student can get Chromebook support from home, as well as receive information about tech support for distance learning by following our Chromebook Distribution and Technology Support link!

Remote Learning Plan

Weekly schedule

Garfield STEM Magnet will utilize the following weekly schedule for students during remote learning starting Monday, August 24th, 2020:

Remote, or online-only, learning will stay in place at Garfield STEM Magnet until the state or district provide alternative directives and/or dates for the beginning of hybrid learning (mixture of face-to-face and online learning).

In the event of the district and Garfield STEM Magnet moving to a hybrid learning model, we will use our hybrid model bell schedule.


  • Mondays: students log into each Google Classroom to receive information and tasks that they can complete asynchronously (not in the direct online presence of the instructor).
  • Tuesdays - Fridays: teachers will meet with students at the beginning of each period using the Google Classroom Meet Link for no more than 20 minutes of face-to-face time to provide instructions, connect with students, answer questions, organize class discussions, and more.
  • Advisory teachers will meet with their students every Wednesday at the end of the day through Google Classroom to focus on social and emotional activities.
  • School counselors and social workers will continue to provide one-on-one social-emotional supports for students in need.
  • Advisory and content-area classes will prioritize social-emotional learning activities in addition to academics.
  • All teachers will create virtual learning and collaboration spaces to promote and monitor academic socialization.
  • Teachers will focus on essential learning standards as defined by the district, school, and department, and will introduce new content that reinforces prior skills while strengthening new academic learning and skills.
iPad Support (Click image)
Chromebook Support (Click image)

Google Classroom link

All teachers will be using Google Classroom to connect with students, provide assignments, and post feedback.  Check your email for login information, or click the image above to access Google Classroom (you must be logged into your APS Google account).

Virtual meeting norms

Teachers may use Google Meets to provide online collaboration and discussion opportunities for students.  Here is a list of norms when participating in online meetings:

  • Mute yourself when you are not speaking
  • Wear classroom appropriately clothing
  • Frame the camera to capture your face
  • Reduce backlighting
  • Look into the camera when speaking and participating

Behavioral Health Support

The New Mexico Crisis and Access Line (NMCAL) has created a NMConnect smartphone app for all New Mexicans to directly connect residents to a counselor, as well as updated information on the state's response to COVID-19.

Watch a demo video of the app, and download for all Google Play and Apple Store users.