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Garfield STEM School: A Community School for the intermediate grade levels

A Community School

According to the Coalition for Community Schools:


Community Schools bring educators, families, and community partners together to offer a range of opportunities, supports, and services to children, youth and their families and communities using the school as the center for all these activities.


Community schools:

·       Provide expanded learning opportunities that are motivating and engaging during the school day, before and after school

·       Offer essential health and social supports and services either on site or by referrals to nearby providers

·       Engage families and communities as assets in the lives of their children and youth.


Every community school responds to unique local needs and includes the voices of students, families, and residents.  Schools become centers of the community and are open to everyone—beyond school hours, including evenings and sometimes even on the weekends. 


Community schools have a climate and culture that enable students to develop cognitive, social, emotional, physical, civic, and ethical competencies and the capacity to thrive in college, career, and life and as participants in our democracy.


Think of community schools as both a strategy and a place: A strategy for bringing together educators, families and community stakeholders to attain collective impact; a place where the community gathers to support the education of its children and youth and a place through which its young people are connected to learning experiences across the community.


Garfield STEM School is just such a school.  Approximately 50 hours of before and after school activities take place every week at Garfield.  There is something for everyone with activities from sports to STEM clubs and social environments.  Students can join creative clubs or learn leadership skills through hands on engagement in Student Council and the Junior Army Guard.  Even parents can get in on the extended learning at Garfield through UNM's Continuing Ed offerings of personal growth and enrichment classes.


Garfield helps meet the health and wellness needs of students and their families by offering services on site such as the monthly food pantry and immunization clinics offered throughout the year.  Students in need of shoes or clothes also have a place to turn in times of need with our referral program to area clothing banks and providers.


Families are welcome to school and are invited several times a semester to enjoy performances and achievements as well as family nights and are encouraged to serve on leadership teams responsible for making decisions for the school.