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Humanities: Language Arts and Social Studies Project Based Learning
Contact Kalyn Lopez  Kalyn Lopez Teacher, ESL, Humanities 6th
Contact Rachael Sonia  Rachael Sonia Teacher
Contact Denise Wilson  Denise Wilson Teacher, Humanities 7th, Humanities Department Chair
Math: Eureka common core curriculum and st math intervention
Contact Whitney Mignon  Whitney Mignon Teacher, Math 6th and 7th
Science: project based learning and "project lead the way" engineering curriculum
Contact Chaushie Forster  Chaushie Forster Teacher, Science 6th, PLTW
Contact Chris Speck  Chris Speck Teacher, Science 7th
Contact Rebecca Betzen  Rebecca Betzen Teacher, Technology Coordinator, Webmaster, PARCC Coordinator
Physical Education & coaching staff
Contact Alex Bowen  Alex Bowen Coach
Contact Joseph Hernandez  Joseph Hernandez Teacher, PE
Contact Andreas Steinmetz  Andreas Steinmetz Teacher, Health and PE
fine arts
Performing arts
Contact Cynthia Ballantine  Cynthia Ballantine Teacher, Band, Electives Department Chair
Contact Lena Fahrenkrog  Lena Fahrenkrog Teacher, Orchestra
Contact Megan Rader  Megan Rader Teacher, Choir
Special Education
Contact Marcella Candelaria  Marcella Candelaria Teacher, SPED, Department Chair
Contact Rebecca Carter-keesling  Rebecca Carter-keesling Teacher, SPED, Science
Contact Bernadette Hamsten  Bernadette Hamsten Teacher, SPED, Social Studies
Contact Melanie Lucero  Melanie Lucero Teacher, SPED, Language Arts
Contact Joseph Varela  Joseph Varela Teacher
Educational Assistants
Contact Heidi Carleton  Heidi Carleton Health Assistant
Contact Julia Hernandez  Julia Hernandez Educational Assistant
Contact Nancy Hopp  Nancy Hopp Library Assistant
Contact Alicia Sandoval  Alicia Sandoval Educational Assistant
Contact Cindy Vigil  Cindy Vigil Educational Assistant
Assistant Principal
Contact Tammy Crespin  Tammy Crespin Assistant Principal
Contact Angel Barreras  Angel Barreras Principal's Secretary / Bookkeeper
Contact Lisa Abeyta  Lisa Abeyta (505) 344-1647 ex: 54502 Attendance Secretary
Leadership Instructor
Contact Joe McDaniel  Joe McDaniel Teacher
Instructional Coach
Contact Melanie Tapia  Melanie Tapia Instructional Coach, Test Coordinator
Community Schools Coordinator
Contact Pamela Campos  Pamela Campos Community Relations, After School Programs, Grant Development
Title 1 Family Liaison

Christine Jaramillo

Contact Diane Greene  Diane Greene School Nurse
Social Worker
Contact Madalyn Otero  Madalyn Otero Social Worker
Speech & Language Pathologist
Contact Danielle Dansro  Danielle Dansro Staff
Contact Adriana Holguin  Adriana Holguin Cafeteria Manager
Contact Deaven Alexander  Deaven Alexander Yardman
Contact Felix Bustos  Felix Bustos Custodian
Contact Herminia Marquez-castro  Herminia Marquez-castro Custodian
Contact Raymond Sandoval  Raymond Sandoval Custodian
Contact Ruben Viera  Ruben Viera Head Custodian