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Welcome, Grey Wolf Gamers!

We are looking for any Grey Wolf students interested in joining a Rocket League eSports team for the 2022-2023 school year! We are looking to connect with interested students, start scrimmaging, and competing against other schools!

We'll also be taking some time out to join up and play other video games of interest each month.

Sign up in the attendance office!

Parent and Participation Packet

All club members need to complete a Parent Packet and to have the completed copy delivered to Mr. LaClair to be eligible to participate in Garfield STEM Magnet eSports events, activities, and competition, as well as Western Regional Middle School eSports events and competitions. Paper copies are available for pick-up in our front office.

Grey Wolf Weekly Practice Schedule




Thursday TBD  
Friday TBD  
  Twitch Grey Wolf eSports

Thursday TBD Friday TBD Twitch Grey Wolf eSports

APS eSports is committed to offering our middle school and high school students the opportunity to play competitive eSports by providing an equitable playing field across the district. Through eSports, we will help our students realize their full potential by providing inclusion, enabling collaboration, improving confidence, and inspiring excellence.


We will be using a Garfield Grey Wolf Discord group and Google Classroom to communicate upcoming events.


What Is Rocket League?

Rocket League is essentially soccer that is played with cars...but ramped up to 11!

Like soccer, your objective is to propel a ball into your opponent's goal to score points, but the similarities stop there.

Each player controls a souped-up car that uses rocket boosters that enable them to perform crazy physics-defying stunts to outplay and outwit their opponents.

As with normal soccer, Rocket League requires lots of individual skill as well as coordinated teamwork in order to win. Communication is also a key factor for a successful team.