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Family Resources

Vision, Mission and Goals

* The vision is to utilize the FRC for family and community engagement with regard to school event planning meetings, parent meetings, educational workshops, leadership communication and collaboration. To make the center a safe, accessible and welcoming environment among families to promote multicultural education and improve communication throughout the year.

* The mission is to coordinate a Family Resource Center that has a support system in partnership with families and communities to foster safe and caring learning environments where all families flourish.

Initial Goals for the FRC include:

1. To set clear objectives, gather ideas and perspectives from parents, students and school staff to create a sense of ownership

2. Create a center where everyone feels at home and where diversity is welcome. A place where families can visit each other and with teachers; to build relationships that create positive and supportive connections.

3. Create a parent organization as a steering committee to provide meaningful and significant input and feedback to allow for successful outcomes.

4. Provide parenting education to allow for development and advocacy skills for parents to help students with homework, projects, etc. and become more involved and interested in their student academic success.

5. With the help of GMS leadership, business and community leaders, health care professionals; remain in constant contact with agency representatives to build and reinforce positive relationships which will ensure success of the FRC

6. Make a concerted effort to link families with community services so they are educated on how to access resources available

7. Communicate all school and family center activities through leadership and educators (in the classroom), and include events in the school calendar to increase and promote family engagement and continued interest



Family Meetings and Agendas

Next meeting Tuesday, February 5th  3:15- 4:15 at Garfield.

Updates and Events