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APS Bond and Mill Levy Election Q&A
Posted 10/6/19

What are bond and mill levy packages?

School districts across New Mexico use bond and mill

levies to finance needed school projects. School bonds

are similar to home mortgages in that they offer long term

financing and are paid off over a number of years. A mill

levy offers “pay as you go” financing, where money is

spent as revenue from property taxes is received.


Didn’t we just vote on this?

Yes, we did propose a bond and mill levy package to

voters in February. Based on community feedback,

this bond and mill package has been pared down and

will address urgent and basic repairs that will make

health and safety improvements to APS schools.


How will this money be spent?

Money from the bond and mill package will not increase your tax

rate and will be used for urgent and basic repairs, like fixing leaky

roofs, removing lead in drinking fountains, and upgrading electrical

wiring, heating and cooling systems. Funding will also be used to

make ADA improvements like wheelchair ramps and accessible

restrooms so that APS schools are safe and open for all students.

A portion of the funds will also be used to enhance school

security at every school in the district, renovate aging

classrooms to better serve our students, and provide musical

instruments and art supplies, which are not funded by the

state. Lastly, funds will be made available for schools to make

improvements to their technology infrastructure as they see fit.


How much is being asked for?

The mill levy continues an existing property tax levy of

$2 for each $1,000 of net taxable property value. The

$100 million general obligation bond would replace an

existing bond to fund urgent and basic repairs.


What if I’m not a registered voter?

There may still be time to register! Tuesday, October 8th

is the last day you can register to vote. This is also

the first day of early voting. You can learn more about

both by visiting

Learn more at: